how do i build an antenna in my attic? I do notget cable and do not want an antenna on my rooftop.?

lemonie8 years ago
I made one out of cans and cardboard - it does actually work. If I do this again I'll post an Instructable, but look at it - you'd do as well on your own.

I used this link as reference

jj378 years ago
Here is a good antenna all you need is coat hangers, ply wood, and a few small pieces. After that just wire up your house with coaxial cable and a few splitters.

Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna!

TIP: as of June 12, 2009 (NOT FEBRUARY 17TH) all analog signals will go offline.

WARNING SOME CHANNELS WILL SHUT OFF THEIR SIGNALS ON THE ORIGINAL DATE OF FEB. 17th but it is mandatory as of June 12th 2009 for all major broadcasters.

If your TV does not have a DTV tuner you will need to buy one.
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