how do i change a bike into a man powered generator?

i want to take a bicycle or an excercise bike an convert it into a man powered generator, to be used to charge batteries in the event of long term power outage.

scitekman6 years ago
The best way to convert an ordinary 26" bike into a human powered/electricity bike is simple. You will need to make a frame to support the rear wheel off the ground, then you need to remove the rear tyre from the wheel. The wheel will become the pulley. You will need a 24 volt x 100 watt electric scooter motor and attached it to frame, make a small, or buy a pulley to run a belt from the wheel to the motor. Electric scooter motors are excellent as dc generators, and will charge batteries and even run and inverter.
sonicsworld8 years ago
If your using a bike dynamo they put out up to 90 volts a.c.. you need a rectifer to convert to d.c. and a regulator to control the voltage. But a lot of the new bike dynamo's should be regulated. This is the easiest way of doing things.
Steamdnt8 years ago
You could use a dc motor from an auto parts store, if you used the alternator froma car that might work.