how do i charge a 6vdc battery when i get varying dc volts between 1 and 7?

I have a moped that i want to make led blinkers for gets its power from a magneto so i get ac current.i hooked up a bridge rectifier so i now have positive and negative terminals that i want to hook up to a jumper bar or something so i could run different wires to it.i thought that i should try and work the lights off of a battery. however it puts out between 1vdc when im at idle and 7vdc when im at full can i charge my battery with out too much damage

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iceng5 years ago
mpilchfamily  is correct your battery will not charge until the dc voltage gets above 6.3 VDC...

But are you measuring average voltage with peaks going high enough to
damage the battery ?

elting (author)  iceng5 years ago
the maximum vdc i got out of it was ill be safe there thank you
iceng elting5 years ago
That sounds OK for a lead acid battery that can self vent.
theoldguy5 years ago
1 volt to 6 volts will do nothing. Its only when you have more than the 6volts that current will flow. So go ahead and connect it. Check that the battery does not discharge back though the charger as well. I'd stick a diode in there just to make sure the current can only flow the one way..
elting (author)  theoldguy5 years ago
thats what i was hopeing/thinking.thank you so much theoldguy. like you said i put a diode in line on the positive side and no dead battry
Get a 6V battery. When the bike is actually up to speed it will charge the battery.