how do i connect a car battery to a scooter to make it go?

do i need wires? what do i need?

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lemonie8 years ago
You need wires, copper wires. Maybe you've got some mains household appliance wire somewhere, that should do it. L
xadevox (author)  lemonie8 years ago
can u post something or tell me how to connect? I have copper wire
lemonie xadevox8 years ago
If you locate the scooter-motor you should be able to find two terminals that I guess other batteries connect to through a switch?
You might want to get some spade connectors and use these. Essentially you connect the car-battery where the existing battery connects, but remove that.

xadevox (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I meant a razor scooter. like how do I make an unpowered scooter go witha car battery
lemonie xadevox8 years ago
Oh, you'd need a motor as well - that's a different question altogether. Best idea I can think of at the moment is to find an electric wheelchair motor or similar, and use it to replace the back wheel. L
I've seen razr scooter's done with old cordless drills too...
Yes, so have I, but could I find a picture when I wanted one? (still can't) L
Thanks, my first thought was "that wasn't the one I saw, but it looks much better", the second "the chain's close to the ground, you'll have difficulty turning right on that!" L
it was the first result I found that wasn't the official razor.