how do i delete an instructable.?

how do i delete an instructable

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kelseymh8 years ago
Go back to editing it (you can do that whether you've published it or not).  Click the button that says delete instructable.
tilmen kelseymh6 years ago
no such button..
Cbear04 tilmen3 years ago

there is to such button just did it

Paperworker99 (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Cbear043 years ago

Click on edit and then click the more button and delete

blah427 years ago
click edit on the instructable then click delete
EpicZombie7 years ago
hit edit on your instructable. then click on "delete instructable" :)
Hit the you botton, top right, then click on instructables then find the instructable you want to delete and it should say delete next to hit, just click that.
Re-design8 years ago
Go to your instructable and click on "edit".
Then at the top there are some action buttons.  Click on "delete".