how do i delete my account

I wish to delete my instructables account

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i some how have two accounts, when i log into instructables using facebook it gives me a different account then when i log into instructables not using the facebook log in
ll.138 years ago
You cannot delete your account. However you can delete any instructables, forums topics and comments and just not sign into your account.
how do u delete a forum please
Kiteman8 years ago
Why delete it? Has the site offended you in some way? Probably not, so simply don't use it until (at some point in th undefined future) you need it again.
lemonie8 years ago
If you can have someone provide Instructables with a copy of your death certificate they will remove it under TOS Section 27.

Otherwise, since all you have contributed is this - it doesn't matter. Just change the e-mail address under You - settings so you don't get any more.

Joe Martin8 years ago
PM Eric asking to have your account removed.