how do i delete my acount

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lemonie7 years ago
Die and have your next of kin post a copy of your death certificate to Instructables HQ with a covering letter quoting your user name.

Nice answer. And it does make me wonder what will happen on here after I die. I suppose I'll have my brother post a copy of my obituary to my orangeboard. No rude comments after I'm dead, got it everybody?
Have a Forum topic posted, people will doubt it and imagine you were just seeking attention...

kcls lemonie7 years ago
nickodemus7 years ago
Like Kiteman said below, may we ask why? If it is a parental problem or the like, I'm sure we could post all post a petition to your orangeboard.
Kiteman7 years ago
Can I ask why you want delete your account?
kelseymh7 years ago
Send a request to Staff, either by e-mail or by Web-site based "Private Message".