how do i disable the falling picture effect?

not sure what more to add for details, when i go to a category all is fine for about a second, then the pictures move and fall down, blocking text and pretty much making this site unuesable for me

had to pick a catergory even tho...

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Thats pretty annoying but cool LOL. But you can fix that. Just when the page loads press ESC and nothing will happen :)

JayB7 (author)  The Prickly Potato2 years ago

Thank you! may you be an example to all these fools that tried answering a question with a question and thinking the date has something to do with how to stop it....

thank you for your answer

YAYY Best answer!!! *dances around*

JayB7 (author)  The Prickly Potato2 years ago

lol, said to mark best answer, really the only answer, well there was one other, but it was wrong, anyhow, thanks again

As Kiteman pointed out: Did you check the date?

JayB7 (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

regardless of date or april fools are any of that, the question remains

I've just noticed, the author joined today.

knife1412 years ago

Reload the page and it will stop.

JayB7 (author)  knife1412 years ago

nope, tried that over and over, it resets it, but it doesnt stop

Quanah2 years ago

It was driving me nuts to, glad it wasn't a flashback from the 70's.

dr_peru2 years ago

just wait until tomorrow and it will stop (look at the calender ;D)

Vyger2 years ago

I wonder if getting email notifications is a spoof also. Ha ha , tomorrow it all ends, back to the silent treatment.

sixsmith2 years ago

You do realize it's april 1st and all that entails right? The instructables lords and ladies are not above a little hijinks once a year ya know :D