how do i find /pirates of the caribbean/program/interface/ in potco on a mac?

I need to find /pirates of the caribbean/program/interface/ then in that  find interface.c if somebody could please tell me how to do that i would be so happy

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orksecurity7 years ago
Best suggestion I can give you is to ask whoever gave you that advice. Hopefully, they know what they're talking about. Nobody else is likely to have a clue. For what it's worth, that appears to be a directory path. First step would be to determine whether there's a directory anywhere on your machine titled "pirates of the carribean". If that doesn't worth, you can try searching inside archives/jarfiles, or on the media the game was distributed on. If that still doesn't work, the answer may be that whoever gave you this advice was just pulling your chain.
alphawolfbrother (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
i fond the info on a website so i can't do that :(
Ask whoever posted it on the website, or whoever is running the website.
alphawolfbrother (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
Thanks i will try that!
alphawolfbrother (author) 7 years ago
Please only answer if you have a helpful comment thanks
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