how do i fix my keyboard on my compaq presario c715 laptoP?

the top row of letters Q-P do not work, except for the U key which repeats constantly. the same problem exists for the bottom row of Z-M with the M repeating.  i've tried numerous driver updates, checks, etc, and even system restores. Nothing has worked. And to the best of my knowledge, nothing was spilled on to it, nor was it dropped or stepped upon.  Please help. I prefer any sites or step-by-step [visual] instructions on the process if possible. thanks!

blkhawk7 years ago
One alternative is plugging a new keyboard (USB, COM port, etc.). Probably until you can repair the original one.
Usually replacing the keypad is dead easy - you remove probably six screws under the laptop, which are probably marked, and the keypad comes away. There's a connector or two, which should separate very easily.

Get a keyboard online, either new or second hand - Ebay shows a ton of 'em.

lemonie7 years ago
It's a hardware fault with the keyboard, so that's why numerous driver updates, checks, etc, and even system restores haven't worked.
It needs to be taken apart, you probably need to replace the keyboard, maybe you can find a fault and fix it.
It does sound like classic spill-damage.
Not found any guide for that model yet, but go looking for a replacement keyboard.