how do i get $400 with out a job and barly anything to sell?

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JohnT1022 years ago
JohnT1022 years ago
orksecurity7 years ago
Actually, you could probably save $400/year by dropping your Internet service...
(BTW, that wasn't intended to be rude, just to point out that sometimes the easiest way to get money is to reduce your spending on other things. Saving money once you've got it isn't exciting, but it makes more of a difference than you'd think.)

Another thought: The holidays are coming. If your family does the gift-giving thing, you could try talking to them about whether they'd be willing to contribute toward whatever-it-is you want.

(I paid for my first stereo system with yard work, a paper route, cutting down my candy and comics purchases, giving up a birthday gift or two and -- when I was close enough and had proven I could maintain the income stream to repay it -- a loan from Mom. Took me about a year, I think.)
Kiteman7 years ago
Kidneys are quite valuable...
Re-design7 years ago
Stand on the street corner and beg at passing cars. I'm not kidding. You see this in most of all the large cities in the US and lots of them make lots of money this way. If you can't get a job and don't have anything left to sell I don't see any other way.

You don't say how old you are or where you live so there is not much to go on to give you any better info.

If you're really just down and out of luck you might try asking at a local church for help.

lemonie7 years ago

Why not tell us what you want $400 for? There are alternatives to cash...

orksecurity7 years ago
See many past answers: When you don't have a job and need money, your job is to get a job. For example, this is a great time of year to start trying to find people who will want help raking leaves... and then might want help shovelling snow.
not to mention all the students going back to school opening up a lot of positions.