how do i get a girl with a broken heart?

I've fallen in love with a girl that just broke up how do i go about telling here that im head over heels about her.

mikeyw8 months ago
I am currently dating someone with a broken heart, although she doesnt talk much about it. I let her take her time, i wait patiently on her, and treat her the way a woman should be treated, when she is ready to share more, she knows I am there for her. and It is a delicate thing a heart that has been hurt. patience, time, and respect are things she admires most about me, and so far we are happy, we all have things that make us insecure. However, it is how we approach them, and build that trust, with our significant other that counts. If I did not listen to her and look at the things she was telling me within her sharing with me i wouldnt be with the woman i love today.
let her be
pdub774 years ago
Depending on how long it's been since she "just" broke up, she may not be ready to date again. Find ways to spend time with her and try to gauge her inclination toward seeing someone. Next, try to determine her feelings toward you. Look for signs that she reciprocates your feelings, i.e. eye contact, touching, crossing legs toward you (not away) and leaning toward you, among many others. Body language is important. If the vibe seems right, just tell her that you know she may need some time, but you care about her very much and would like to see her romantically. Any sort of deception or coercion will not end well. Flowers and what not aren't bad, but you are not bribing her. You want to be yourself and let her know you truly care. Honesty is the way to go. This is not an exact science, nor have I given you a script to follow. You gotta fly by the seat of your pants, so to speak. Also keep in mind, if you want to maintain a good relationship (whether romantic or platonic) afterward, don't come on too strong. Show her you care and make her laugh. Good luck!
semicoolguy (author)  pdub774 years ago
Thanx for the advice.

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