how do i get a good lcd 7 inch screen?

hi! ive been looking all around the internet and i cant find anything!!! i need a good lcd 7 inch screen for my xbox laptop but i cant find one links are well appreciated!!

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lemonie7 years ago

I can find them, but what specific input do you want to connect to the Xbox laptop, and where do you live/shop?


E.g. (OK for me but probably not you)
19samman98 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
i live in america and i want to find a one with hdmi

This only took me ~1min so it's just the first thing I found. But it seems to fit what you want? (Ooh - expensive!)


zholy7 years ago
How would you describe a GOOD LCD ??? How much you are willing to pay for it ???
19samman98 (author)  zholy7 years ago
a good lcd screen would be one that takes hdmi and im willing to pay up to 50 dollars thanks!
frollard7 years ago
7 inch screens won't scream high-definition...but at that size it wouldn't make a difference. "Good" in this case would be 'takes hdmi', 'supports 720p' (not interlaced, some cheap ones are interlaced) -- 'good viewing angle', even backlight, quality colour definition, and most importantly -- pixel RESPONSE TIME. For gaming you want as low as possible, preferably below 5ms delay. Any display that does not specify this number will be garbage since it's kind of a bragging right, and something they want to tell you.