how do i get ethernet on my ipod touch?

can i get internet by plugging in my usb cord into the computer or is there some way

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orksecurity6 years ago
Get a WiFi access point, or a router equipped with WiFi. Plug that into your local Ethernet. Connect the iThing to that via WiFi. Done.
(Note that "ethernet" refers to a type of local wired network, or more accurately to the communications protocol which runs across those wires. To connect a local Ethernet to the public Internet... well, you're already doing that, or your computer wouldn't be talking to the Internet either.)
aelias366 years ago
Well, no not really.

You could always stick a wireless access point right next to your iPod with an Ethernet cable plugged in
yokozuna6 years ago
The easiest (and really, the only practical) way to get the internet is by using wifi. If you have to plug into a computer to get it, why not just use the computer for whatever you're doing?
1997589 (author)  yokozuna6 years ago
i cant use my apps that need internet