how do i get my girlfriend to wan to kiss me p.s we only meet at school im 13?

i already have a girlfriend just need help with the kissing thing i only meet at school and my mom doesnt know about it 
but hers does please help!

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Kiteman2 years ago



rickharris2 years ago

1. I wonder how these young people find this site to ask these questions.

2. Young Zac has a G+ presence but no entries

3. Young Zac has a Youtube channel but no entries

Unusual in these days.

Check the related column - they, and the previous questions like this, drive a lot of search-engine traffic this way.

I did a google search for Kissing and in the first 2 pages Instructables didn't feature at all.

...but "how to kiss" produced instructables as the fourth hit.

So it does. Must read through those hits & surprise the wife! :-)


I've noticed a difference in the way generations use google - you and I would enter key words (world strongest man), but the younglings tend to type actual questions (who is the strongest man in the world?)

iceng2 years ago

Have you looked under the Related category on the right side of this page ?

Enjoy your young life as much as can and don't worry about kissing.

Soon you will wish to be 13 again, so take it as it is now ;)

And I doubt if she like you she won't mind a bit of "kissing training" although I think it is too early anyway to start something serious...

iceng2 years ago

Good luck.

You are watching to many videos young boy.

Wait until you are 16 when girls will want to kiss you.