how do i get my lighter to work upside down?

ive got a lighter and i need to light stuff so i have to turn it upside down but it doesnt work

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Re-design8 years ago
Most lighters are designed to be held with the flame at the top.  That's because the flame and heat rises.  If you redesign one to light upside down, you'll burn you hand or worse the heat will damage the valve and release ALL of the butane at once.  At that time you will probably burn most of your body and maybe your parents house.

If you need one that will light upside down for whatever reason, get one of the long barreled fireplace/bbg lighters.  They are designed to operate in any position.

Don't be going and making booby traps and such with these.
Galonii7 years ago
you don't get your lighter to work upside down, your heat the bottom of the can to evaporize the liquid then run it around the edge of the can and it'll light.
lemonie8 years ago
What sort of lighter, and why do you have to turn it upside down?

19samman98 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
it is a butane jet lighter and i need it to light my mini camp stove but i have to light it upside down
Why upside down? Can't it be done sideways with a big jet? ~I can see that the stove may require a low-ignition, but if you spread fuel around enough you could light at the edge?

grundisimo8 years ago
Light it with a match. Problem solved.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
get a jet butane lighter, it should work upside down
seandogue8 years ago
purchase an adjustable lighter. fixed output lighters like modern Bics  and similar are designed to discourage such use.
 Lemony asks two very good questions.  My answer is: very carefully.  You might burn yourself badly and explosively heat the lighter if you do succeed.

Pipe smokers commonly tip lighters to light their pipes, but they don't tip them perpendicular.  If the lighter is the butane type, it probably would not light upside down.  If I remember correctly,  butane lighters have a fuel line which dips into the liquid butane. Pressing the igniter button opens the line so the liquid butane flows out and vaporizes.  The igniter spark lights it.   Holding the lighter upside down would cause the butane to flow to the other end of the lighter so the fuel line would be above the liquid level. 

A naphtha lighter-fluid-based  lighter like Zippo and most others made before the 1960's would light upside down, but the flame would burn your fingers.  Also the heat would cause the fuel to expand, leak out over your fingers and ignite.

Be careful.