how do i get on facebook at home?

how do i unblock facebook or myspace while i am at home on the school computers?

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fartnocker7 years ago Download a code generator ( something that tries all the combinations possible to hack a password and/or user name) and use it to get into the administrator account on your computer and then you can do anything.

you may want to have your computer checked for forms of spyware, schools may put legal forms of spyware on your computer and make sure that your not abusing the right to have a computer. And bust all the guys looking at porn.

Make sure that you go back to the student account before school and maybe put the code generator on a flash drive incase the computer is searched.

some of these may provide a nice code generator:

you could attach this second link to the administrator password login page and then get your computer a minor virus or lie and say that its not working properly and they will go onto the administrator account. The software remembers passwords so you will be able to access the administrator account.

Hope this helps and yes I am a computer nerd>

fwjs287 years ago
You Don't
kelseymh fwjs287 years ago
FTW :-)
lemonie7 years ago
Your question asks how to do this at home, but you then ask how to do it at school?
If your school's network administrators are morons you might outsmart them by using the search function on this site.
Otherwise you don't.

I'm presuming that this is a school-issued computer. In which case my reaction is "It's for school work. If you want to do non-school things, save up and get your own machine."