how do i get over an ex boyfriend who i dumped and pushed away because i was too scared to get hurt?

he was the perfect boyfriend and i would pick fights for no reason and when he begged me to stay i would act like i didnt want him and he wasnt good enough when reality was i didnt want him to know that i was madly in love with him for fear of rejection now how do i get over it knowing it was my fault? also how do i let him know the truth that he was perfect and i did and still do love him 

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seandogue7 years ago
Did anyone else note that clint taurus is a guy whose interest includes beautiful women as one of the first entries?
I would have thought the name was a dead giveaway?
yeah...I read the question...saw the name, read the question...looked at the the question...checked to make sure. I suppose he could have been gay, but it's pretty clear he's not. Methinks Trol.

Either that, or his stalker GF who broke into his home and used his account.

lemonie7 years ago
Well, that didn't work. Do things better next time (leave & learn)

rickharris7 years ago
You don't say how old you are - BUT assuming your old enough to take responsibility for your actions tell him what you have told us THEN REMEMBER IT every time you feel insecure or feel like ripping his head off because he is going to be cautious.

Be prepared fro him to say no - If so then you have to move on - Life is full of regrets Don't we all know that.

+1, And to the asker of this question: Even if he decides not to take you back, use the experience and knowledge to keep your future relationships under better control.

Remember, it isn't the end of the world.
ARJOON7 years ago
you just tell him in a sms.

{ Hello i'm sorry for what i've done. now i'm reassured cause i was scared to get hurt. Come pick me up in an hour XXXXxxxXXXXXXXxxxxx}
frollard7 years ago
tell him the truth and beg him to take you back. news flash, its life, you might get hurt.