how do i increase the current draw from a 3v non-rechargeable lithium battery?

hi, ive got some 1/2AA batteries that ide like to use to make some nichrome wire glow, in a really small device. now, using one of these batteries, im able to make my nichrome wire glow with one , but only if there is less than 0.5cm of nichrome. if i use two batteries, and increase the voltage form 3.6v to 7.2v, then the length of wire it can make glow increases to 1.2cm, which is ok, but two batteries take up too much space.

So i want to know, is there anything i can do, to increase the voltage or current of the battery? such as a simple battery drainer or something that would pull its power rapidly and pass it all through the nichrome wire so that it would glow the same as if the voltage was doubled without actually using a second battery?

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YOu've hit the battery's limit.
oldmanbeefjerky (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
darn, oh well, it still is the best answer ive been able to get!

rickharris6 years ago
The current drawn is controlled by the resistance of the load.

So lower the resistance of the wire. - Make it shorter or thicker.
oldmanbeefjerky (author)  rickharris6 years ago
i have 40ga wire, protpotionally twice as thick, and it doesnt work the way you explained.
with 40 ga wire i can only get about 3mm to glow.
Then you are already hittng the battery's own discharge limit - its internal resistance.
pick this guys answer. because he is right.
Current is proportionally connected to Voltage and Resistance.

in the form Volts = Current x Resistance

or to turn it round

current = Volts / resistance (Ohms Law)

So Increase the voltage will increase current OR lower resistance will increase current.

A thicker wire Will draw more current - It also however has more mass and therefore required more energy (current ) to make it red hot.

Your question asks how to increase the current draw. If you were to measure it, you have with the thicker wire.
verence6 years ago
Can you put two nichrome wires parallel? That equivalent of using a thicker wire. You could even try three parallel wires, but at some point the internal resistance of the battery will stop further improvement.
Yeah, use thicker wire, increasing the area by 2 will give you 1/2 the resistance, so you can double the length. This will only work, up to a point, because the battery will limit how much current you can get