how do i install UBUNTU's GNOME GUI into KUBUNTU ? need help.......

i prefer using UBUNTU's GNOME GUI than KUBUNTU's KDE GUI, i install KUBUNTU cuz i dunt have the CD to install UBUNTU, can someone plz help on how to install UBUNTU's GNOME new to this OS......

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Longbowman6 years ago
Its easy.

Gnome, KDE , enlightenment, xmonad etc all are desktop environments and it doesn't matter which OS you are using. You can install any of it or all of them on any LINUX.

1) Open software manager in Kubuntu.
2) search for 'Gnome'
3) Select the appropriate option...most probably first one

It may look like:

The GNOME Desktop environment

JavaNut136 years ago
Get an Ubuntu CD; you can get them delivered for free! Now thats a good deal eh?
Major D (author) 6 years ago
thnx guys....
NachoMahma6 years ago
or just gone to the ubuntu website and downloaded a copy.