how do i locate a stolen laptop?

Laptop was stolen and had no tracking program that i was aware of. it was a newer dell studio laptop, gift from dad,

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digitrunner6 years ago
Try Contacting Dell all of their laptops have a service tag and code that is automatically seen on a Dell website maybe they can help based on that info
lemonie7 years ago
lakerman237 years ago
You can go to the police and ask them to trace the Pi address if they used any of your accounts. I don't know if it would work but what do you have to lose?
randofo7 years ago
Go outside and yell "MARCO!" and wait to see if it yells back "POLO!" Yeah... sorry... it's gone. You can file a police report because if it was stolen in a public area there might be surveillance footage of it, but I wouldn't count on them ever finding it.
McDouche7 years ago
call the pohleese. Alternatively, smash a hole in your window, trash the plasma tv and tell your insurance company your house was robbed. Or maybe, you know, the guy was just borrowing it so he can stop some doomsday virus, and he'll give it back when he's done