how do i make a 9th grade lesson plan on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

How do I make a 9th grade lesson plan on language analysis including blank verse, Shakespeare idiom, imagery and sonnet form basing it on Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet?

mclovin75968 years ago
talk about those subjects and research them online get them to take notes and make a test on the material you discussed in class im in 9th grade and thats what my teachers do
Wikipedia would be a good place to start devloping your outline.

Then head for sites with more specific information, such as the Purdue writing lab.

I would also include some time to read out a short piece of a Shakespeare poem using the accent he would have used. Since he lived during the Great Vowel Shift, the vowels in his speech would have sounded more like Spanish than present-day English.

And of course ask to see the lesson plans of teachers who have been teaching the same subject for decades.
Kiteman8 years ago
Try asking a 9th grade English teacher.