how do i make a eco- friendly electric lamp with just a bulb and some papers and wires?

a_person6 years ago
Well you could make a paper base, run the wires up through the base, solder them to the bulb, attach the wires to some lamp wire with a plug and plug it in the wall.
acidbass7 years ago
 the same question as orksecurity but you could make a paper mache base and then run the wires through it then buy a lightbulb socket from a hard ware store then connect the wires to the socket screw the lightbulb in then plug it in (assuming you have a plug for the lamp) and see if it works
orksecurity8 years ago
What kinds of wires? What kind of bulb? (Is it going to throw enough heat that you need to worry about setting the paper on fire?)

Seems to me that you could use wire and paper to build a lampshade, then figure out how to position the bulb inside it...
Re-design8 years ago
I don't know how you can make an electric lamp with just bulb, wire and some papers.

You could use the paper as insulators but you'd need metal and acid or salt water.

If the papers were money you could buy a hand crank generator and a rechargeable battery.