how do i make a good mermaid costume?

Halloween is a while away, but I like to be prepared
My friends and I decided to have Disney princesses as our theme,
I have FLAMING red hair (out of a box) so the little mermaid is the obvious choice for me.
How best to make an easy mermaid tail? I can probably rustle up a bikini or so for the top.

If you have another costume idea, that works for me as well.
I have added a picture for your interest

Picture of how do i make a good mermaid costume?
Use the Kidnapped Mermaid Costume as the basic idea but instead of the pirate behind you, have a paper mache' rock in front and your legs hidden by it. The tail could be sticking out the back, like the scene where she is singing. Should be about as easy if not more so because you don't need the pirate.
iceng6 years ago
Take a look on the right side of this page lots of ideas,
Maybe Lemonie would help you.

The "kidnapped mermaid, or something like it, is probably the strongest illusion you're going to get without limiting your ability to move on land or borrowing a wheelchair.
Kiteman6 years ago
Wear a floaty, sequinned dress and say you're the mermaid on land!