how do i make a robot that can track the sun?

what kind of sensors could i use to track the sun (make a robot move toward it)

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Hav0c6 years ago
you can use two light dependent resistors (LDR) connected to two motors. you stick both of the LDR beside each other with a 1-2 centimeter gap between them with a opaque (does not allow light through) material in between. It should be wired so that if the robot is going directly into the sun both the motors are running the same. If it curves to the left the object in between the sensors will stop light reaching the left sensors causing the right motor to slow allowing the robot turn back towards the sun and so on.
Hav0c6 years ago
hope this helps
William930 (author)  Hav0c6 years ago
thank you, that really helps. does radioshack sell LDRs?
sorry I live in New Zealand and there is no radioshack, but nearly all shops that sell electronic components should have them
AndyGadget6 years ago
If you're just trying to follow the sun you need a Solar Tracker.

To make a robot head towards a bright light you need 2 light sensors connected to ADCs (analogue to digital converters) which many microcontrollers have built in.  One sensor would be angled slightly to the left and one to the right, with some overlap.
When the left one is brighter, turn left - When the right one is brighter, turn right.
When both are reading the same brightness, you're heading directly towards the light.
William930 (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
thanks. yeah, ive been looking at solar trackers on instructables, but im relatively new to electronics.