how do i make a strong spring-powered airsoft gun (w/out a nerf gun) for $50?

i've always wanted to make an airsoft gun from scratch, but i never get the time to plan, i need help with a magazine design(for functionality), and i want to know how to judge springs by there power

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35Timmy6 years ago
here's a link of a airsoft gun/air gun that's a spring air gun that's no nerf gun below is the link
ps do not worry about it being tested
ps if you find any problums with this gun let me know through the comments of the link and i will see if i can add the solution to that problum if i am able to after all i thought of this idea of this gun and i disigned it and invented it hope it helps
Mod a +bow
It is not extremely hard to make an airsoft gun from scratch but it is time consuming. im making an airsoft rifle (bolt action spring powered) and the main trouble for me is the barrel, so its not THAT hard. try having a look inside an airsoft gun or if, like me, you live in a country wich prohibbites airsoft try google images. just stick with it! ill try to do an instructable when im done but don't wait.
Matt214978 years ago
It,s really hard to make an airsoft gun( especially under 50 dollars!) so take that 50 and go spend it on a smith and wesson m4505 at
N1CK4ND08 years ago
I suggest you look into air power, you can get most of the parts at home depot, and (IMO) it's nicer than using springs which can be widely inaccurate.