how do i make a sun dial?

i want to make a sun dial. i need to know the demensions for the dial and for the face of the sundial. or all of the information that any one can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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AndyGadget8 years ago
Whoo . . . Deja vu!
See this answer I gave to someone yesterday.
nereid7 years ago
The easiest way to make a vertical paper  sundial is with this webpage:

I also recomend wikipedia sundial page, the have all the formulas to build any sundial type:

iPodGuy8 years ago
I made one years ago. It's pretty easy. Just get or make a base where the shadow will fall, put the arrow on it and mark each hour by an accurate clock.
There is also a chart you need for a sundial to account for time of year and # of minutes to add or subtract...
Phil B8 years ago
A sundial needs to be made so its layout is specific to your latitude above or below the equator. There are also different types of sundials. Some are horizontal and some are vertical. Do some web searches and you will quickly find helpful sites. I made one for my wife and found a site where you plug in the latitude and a display appears on your computer's screen with the proper layout for the various lines. The graphic is a little small, but you can trace it and then enlarge it.