how do i ?make colloidal silver? ?

how do i make colloidal silver?

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The usual recipe involves an electrolysis setup with electrodes made of silver in some kind of aqueous electrolyte.  That's something common to every recipe I have seen.  It can be made more specific through specification for electrode material (pure silver,  or alloy silver), electrolyte solutes (NaCl, NaHCO3, etc), and current control (regulated mA, or unregulated)

I have not yet found a good explanation as to how this method actually produces colloidal silver. And that is something I wonder about. Does the silver leave the anode in the form of microscopic chunks of metal, rather than Ag+n ions?  How does one test an aqueous solution for the presence of a colloidal solution?  Will the colloid scatter light, and make the solution look cloudy? How do you know it is a colloid of silver metal particles an not silver salts?

Anyway, the question has been asked here before, and there have even been a few 'ibles written, here:

In a previous attempt to answer this question,
my intuition said that a setup using a current regulator; i.e something to regulate the electrolysis current , would be better than one without current regulation, and probably the easiest way to do that would be using the old lm317-wired-as-a-current regulator trick.  I think I even linked to a circuit diagram, here:

Tim Temple5 years ago
Here's how you can be sure NOT to get any blue side-effects:

There are no other deleterious effects to silver colloid use.

Now making mercury colloid would kill you at the slightest trace! Guess which nano-particle metal they use as a preservative in vaccines...

The FDA requires a $100 million testing regimen to accept silver colloid as medicine. Until then, producers aren't allowed to say that it kills hundreds of bacteria and viruses.
Tim Temple5 years ago
Silver colloid (or nano-sized particles of pure silver) is best made with distilled water and pure (99.99%) silver. The more junk in either one of them leads to unknown compounds being generated.

When I used purified water and started it up, one electrode looked like it was generating smoke from a tiny cigarette. When I used distilled water, I needed 36 volts to punch though its insulating properties. Once the particles started coming off, the current started to flow and the water started looking smoggy. At first, a laser invisibly shoots through. As the parts per million of silver goes up, the beam brightens. It's the only way you know its working.

Here's a patent that shows scientifically the minimum silver colloid necessary for killing viruses and bacteria: Google "antiviral colloidal silver composition US 2007/0190174".

Here's a patent researching how to best use colloid for humans: Google "treatment humans colloidal silver US 2008/0181951".

Here's a patent for using hydrogen peroxide to stabilize colloid when used for oral hygiene: Google "Oral hygiene agent hydrogen peroxide colloidal silver 5437858".

Tim Temple5 years ago
All your answers were dodges from silver colloid.

Paul Karason drank strong doses of silver chloride and silver nitrate. He spread chemical tanning solution on his skin. He spent time on tanning beds. Paul is the ONLY person EVER to turn blue like this. He could reverse the condition at any time through chelation.

His moment of fame had NOTHING to do with silver colloid.

Apologies are in order.
Kiteman6 years ago
Why do you want to waste time and $$ just to turn yourself blue?
ralphcrow (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
i dont i was asking this question purely out of interest
the side effects they talk about are only if you use it a lot, but as one sated above it really doesn't do anything for you. well unless you use to much then you may look like a smerf. personalty I don't recommend it.
Stay away from it! Its side effects far outweigh the claimed benefits, trust me.
Re-design6 years ago
Read this.

Then google "make coloidal silver'.

Then read some of the side effects of using it.

In the end it's probably a quack med. and not helpful in ANY way.  Speaking as a cancer AND heart attack survivor.
lemonie6 years ago
Do you want to look like a Smurf?