how do i make my 175 fps spring airsoft pistol more powerfull?

it is realy quite weak but instead of buying a new one, i would like to make this one better

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DacrazyDude6 years ago
if its a cheap gun, like wal*mart quality stuff, then dont bother. if you stretch the spring your gun wont be able to handle it and it will crack in half
jamstar7 years ago
be carefull when your stretching the spring out. i did that to my colt 1911 and the force of the ram firing bent the barrell. so now it fires off to the right.
garry44447 years ago
This is a good way to make it more powerful, although you may have to repeat the process. Because you have stretched the spring it will go back to its original state after time. you could get a different spring that is thicker and more powerful. But be aware because if you have a plastic gun, the back where the hammer is may snap under the strain! metal ones are great to upgrade! Also get some airsoft silicone spray stuff. You spray down the barrel and it will make the piston move easyer, and seal it so air is not pushed out the back!
rmatt7777 years ago
Well, if you put a compressed air gun behind a 6.25mm copper pipe. you might go.... hum........ about 700+ fps. only if you are willing to haul a compressed air tank. maybe 1000+ fps
gdog118 years ago
2 tings which spring do i strech and how do i strech it
sergeant 18 years ago
once u take the pins out you can stretch the spring to get higher fps (feet per second) i would reccomend just stretching the spring with your fingerand keep it in your gun otherwise u wont be able to put the spring back in
N1CK4ND08 years ago
I'd say, build an air powered one! If you can make an air powered pistol, and you post it on here, it will be a huge hit, guaranteed.
you can stretch the spring or get a stronger one although its risky.