how do i make my airsoft gun stop making the bbs curve up?

every time i shoot, the bb curves up and away from the target, even when i line up the sites correctly.

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oniman78 years ago
Well, I need some more info. What's the FPS? What brand, is it spring, gas or electric? Anyways as "Silent Swat" said, try using heavier BB's. However, don't but Wal-mart BB's! They are acceptable only for guns that you actually buy at Walmart. In fact, buying high quality BB's will even make those shoot better. They are about $12 for 4,000 for high quality, instead of $10 for 5,000, but well worth it. If this doesn't help, most websites sell .23, .25, .28, and .3 gram bb's as well. I personally like Shorty USA for everything I need. Airsplat also works, but don't buy airsplat brand. Go for TSD or airsoft elite. Don't use Crossman. Hope it helped!
nerfer (author)  oniman78 years ago
mine is a 175 fps spring pistol
nerfer (author)  nerfer8 years ago
thanks guys. i think i will pick some up then.
jserrano55 years ago
You have to be cool

MegaMaker8 years ago
If you see a switch that says "Hop" or "Up" move the switch the opposite way of that word.
blowfo8 years ago
turn your gun upside down or just use 20 or 25 gram bbs
airsoft1238 years ago
I had trouble with that with a Walmart airsoft gun and I used heavier BBs. After that it worked fine.
allander8 years ago
any decent gun over $100 has a hop up but it sounds like your gun is weak 175 fps is low grade i shoot between 460 and 480 fps against friends if its a spring try taking it apart put a spacer behind the spring or just stretch the spring if electric try a bigger battery i parralelled two 8.6v batts it last longer and increased the power by 80 fps make sure batts dont discharge into eachother or you will have a fire on your hands
you need to use heaver bbs like .20+ weight bbs.
zigzagchris8 years ago
Its called hop up. Some guns you can change it with a screwdriver but other you cant. Unless you bought it at wall mart for under 40 dollars you can probably change it. if you read your guns directions it will tell you how if you can.
change the rubber part in the barrel
S1L3N7 SWAT8 years ago
If your gun has an adjustable hop-up then you need to tweak it so the BB's trajectory becomes flat. If you have a gun without an adjustable hop-up, then your best solution is to use a heavier BB. I'm guessing you're probably using .12 gram BB's. Since these are so light they tend to be easily manipulated by light wind, varying temperatures along its flight path and the simple fact that they have little momentum. You should try .20 gram BB's. Their sold at Wal-Mart in jars of 5,000. You'll know them when you see them because their usually white. These tend to work a lot better in terms of stability but do have their draw backs. If the gun is too weak, the .20's will shoot straighter, but substantially shorter. If the gun is making .12's shoot erratically it's probably too powerful for that type of ammo and you should be using .20 gram. I hope that helps. Oh, and if you could, tell us what kind of gun you have. Is it electric, spring, rifle, pistol?
rickyd!8 years ago
if you can adjust the sights, like on mine the back sight can be adjusted, but otherwise a bb curving up doesn't make sense