how do i make something inflate and deflate on its own on a loop?

I have these homemade latex balloons and I was to make them inflate and deflate on their own continuously? I know I probably need some sort of blower...

110100101108 years ago
compressor + 2 light countdown timers that interlock each other
frollard8 years ago
I did something like this for halloween. I used various solenoid valves to control the flow. One was salvaged from a diswasher - the one that lets supply water into the dishwasher. It ran at 110 voltsAC. It was on a manual button to move a piston. Replace the pison with a balloon you have an inflating/deflating balloon. To make them deflate I had a bleed 'hole' in the line so it inflated, then deflated when turned off. Arduino is a great platform for interfacing a project like this.
robotkid2498 years ago
Air compressor, a transistor hooked up to the switch, and Arduino