how do i make wilted lettuce crisp again?

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sandimac7 years ago
Milton baby steriliser solution....add a small amount diluted a little, to a bag with lettuce in it shake it about, will bring it back to life!
caarntedd7 years ago
benjsm7 years ago
you can soak it in apple cider vinegar.
desertguy7 years ago
Keep it from wilting in the first place by rolling lettuce, such as Romaine, in paper towels. When you're done with the paper towels, save them for something else. Don't just throw them away. The lettuce will last longer rolled up in paper towels.
Deep-frying will crisp it right up. Watch out for splatters, though. Ouch.
lizzyastro7 years ago
Depends how wilted. If it is just a bit limp, try putting it in some water with a few ice cubes until it improves. If it has started to actually dry up at the edges, it is probably too far gone.