how do i mod a xbox controller without a soldering iron?

i want to make a modded xbox controller without a soldering iron.

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RDSawicki6 years ago
save up some money and buy 1 from ebay 4 like 10 bucks. if u r gonna buy 1 2 solder to a xbox 360 controller make sure its a 25 watt
Umm theres this thing called intensa fire its like 30 dollars at this website and it ships in  24 hours its easy assembly
There you go :D
yeah that thing will work real good
Andrew.F8 years ago
Buy one that already is.
Bigev8 years ago
Spray paint.
orksecurity8 years ago
What kind of modification do you want to make? I suppose you could rig up some sort of mechanical linkage, such as a crank driving an eccentric driving a plunger, to repeatedly hit one of the buttons rather than bouncing your finger on it, or even some sort of enclosure which operated all the buttons via linkages and made the control appear completely different...
seandogue8 years ago
magic marker?