how do i open my mom's locked door without her knowing?

she took my phone and i need it back!

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_soapy_8 years ago
Dangerous. Breach her trust like that, and you could find yourself in trouble with the law, and not just grounded. Talk to your mother, and take your punishment like a man. Learn that there are consequences to your actions. Then, after you have grown a little, ask her to open the door and return your phone.
lutziepv088 years ago
easy.. i've been opening locked doors of all kinds with an almost miracle tool.. find a carpenters blade.. it has like a hooked blade, sort of like a claw.. just stick it in, and twist your right hand with a clockwise motion.. it should bring the pin in.. after that, just push the door. if you can't find this, try a butter knife and jimmy it in at a slanted angle.. and just push the back end to the right.. get the idea??
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
take the screws out
Alcreion8 years ago
If its like any door you could use this I prefer using 5 or 6 pieces or paper stuck together. If the door has a metal block but it has a small whole in the middle I suggest using a toothpick and jamming it into the hole trying to find a button or an object that you can push, while pushing it down turn the nob. If the door has a metal block and a key hole I suggest learning to pick lock. I personally have never pick locked, but if you search around I'm sure you will find a great tutorial on pick locking. Good Luck and Good Searching.
cyc40158 years ago
Maybe you should ask yer mum about it, and try to reason it out, instead of doing something that in the long run is just going to get you into more trouble. May I also recommend learning phone numbers, and using yahoo to text people?