how do i organize our cluttered closet?

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rickharris5 years ago
1. Remove everything
2. Discard ANYTHING you have not worn in the past 18 months (apparently you don't like it any more)
3. Replace on hangers and folded in draws everything left.

4. ALWAYS ALWAYS hang your things up when you take them off or put them in a wash basket.

IF you throw them on the floor they will just attract more clothes and the pile will grow.
Vyger5 years ago
Another possibility is the "our" part. Maybe the problem is it needs to be "how do we". Or perhaps the real answer is "how do I and MY closet" rather than our .
Vyger5 years ago
Sometimes getting kids their own beds instead of having them sleep on closet shelves helps to eliminate the clutter. On the down side you can't just lock them all in the closet anymore when company comes over.
Vyger Vyger5 years ago
Back in the good old days I used to just chain them to the oars in the ship hold and give them a bag of wheat to use for a pillow. But I never could solve the problem of every time the ice cream ship went by playing that stupid song on the sirens harps my boat would just spin around in circles for hours. We finally just had to import them from China to get the ship to go straight.
Vyger Vyger5 years ago
I just know somebody is going to take that the wrong way and be completely offended.
iceng5 years ago
Who is the our_contingent of this closet equation ?