how do i reinstall windows without Cd?

My laptop constantly crashes and i read online that that means i need to reinstall. The laptop is not mine a friend gave it to me a few months ago because he got a new one. I want to reinstall but he doesn't have the cd needed to reinstall windows or the manufacturer Cd! what do i do. i have the product # and key. the laptop is a compaq brand with intel inside. is there the codes for recovery online for free to burn to a cd to reboot. i hope u know what i mean. The computer just crashes a lot. is there another ay to fix this? it used be very rare it crashed then once a month, then week, and now every other day(like 2 times mon be fine till friday, will crash always for Tuesday work fine for a week). i have nothing but the product # and key

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i would help you out if you where talking about a desktop, but for a laptop you NEED linux, im using ubuntu and it works fine, even better than windows, it free and fast, all the aplications are free,
lemonie8 years ago
Don't believe that re-installation will fix all your problems. Why is it crashing? (If you car keeps crashing do you replace the engine and transmission?) What is it doing/running when it has a problem, and what specifically are the symptoms? E.g. if the CPU is overheating, a soft fix will do nothing. L
miiwii3 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
That is the point it just randomly crashes. But it seems to be ok led to the error message value creation failed at line 903. I hit ok (that only happens when it goes I to standby mode) and it takes me to welcome screen I log in and everything looks fine then crsh. Could it be a virus? And btw do u just go around answering questions bcause ever question I read seems to have a comment from u:) riting from iPhone again
lemonie miiwii38 years ago
Read this page and see if it's of any use:

(I think theRIAA may have been referring to Valve's Steam as a potential problem with reference to SWBF2.)


miiwii3 (author)  miiwii38 years ago
Stupid instructables cut out half of my reply
miiwii3 (author)  miiwii38 years ago
I meant to say it is ok until I get that error message. Would u like me to post what the crash steen says? It always says the same thing
miiwii3 (author)  miiwii38 years ago
I would like to get a bunch of my friends files off though so Is there a way?
theRIAA miiwii38 years ago
what?! this is a valve problem not windows, just stop playing computer games or update/downgrade all your video/sound/mobo drivers.

as for file transfer, download utorrent, and create a private torrent
miiwii3 (author)  theRIAA8 years ago
What exactly is a value prob?
miiwii3 (author) 8 years ago
Replace the driver LOL, LOL!!! What a hoot nice one
theRIAA8 years ago
"If you car keeps crashing do you replace the engine and transmission?"
no, you replace the driver, lol.

dude just uninstall everything you can through add/remove programs and update all your video card drivers. Reinstalling windows fresh is NOT something the average person does to a laptop, none of the special buttons will work anymore, might not even work at all.

what kinda crash? Blue screen? what have you been doing this past month?

install this... yea look at all that junk you have, uncheck all the stuff you don't recognize.
miiwii3 (author)  theRIAA8 years ago
Yes would u like me to post what it says?
miiwii3 (author)  theRIAA8 years ago
Ok well wasn't expecting these comments but I think this is the better way to go. And the I my thing I have done 4 the past month is play swbf2 and surf the internet w/chrome
miiwii3 (author)  miiwii38 years ago
I am on summer break