how do i remove the bios password?

someone gave me a laptop but there is a password on the bios so i cannot go in and re-enable the wifi card, any ways of removing the bios password without killing the laptop? (i know you can remove the cmos battery but i will only use as last resort)

laptop is acer aspire 3680  -2917 


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Yolandas6 years ago
Vyger6 years ago
Once upon a time removing the battery would clear the bios of any user settings. However that is often no longer true. Most new BIOS use flash memory that retains its data even after a power failure like removal of the battery, just like a USB drive. Now there is usually a jumper on the board that will reset the password. Exactly where that jumper is depends on the manufacturer and the board. Look up the specks and see if it has that info. You may even need to call their tech support and ask them how to reset the BIOS password. Removing the battery will probably just result in the clock being wrong.
blkhawk Vyger6 years ago
I was going to say the same thing! You deserve a BEST ANSWER!

Typo: you meant "specs" (it's short for "specifications").
lemonie6 years ago

Ask them for the password.

+2. If it's really yours rather than simply being loaned to you by your school or whatever, you should have the password, and whoever gave you the machine should be able to give you the password.

If the password was easy to bypass, what would the point be of having a password?
pbergeronronronron (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
the laptops 5 years old, it was broken then given to me, i just repaired and have no access to bios, they cant remember the password
In that case, see Vyger's comments. You need to find the factory reset mechanism for that specific machine, which probably means getting tech support to do it... and which may mean having to take it to a repair shop, as the manufacturers are, for understandable reasons, reluctant to give out this information.
seandogue6 years ago
Well, what's the big deal with pulling the battery? If you own the laptop, then you should be able to get the latest BIOS from the mfg website. Most BIOSes have burned defaults that can be loaded once a new battery is inserted to assume quasi normal operation until you downlaod and install the latest. Might be a good time to swap out for a new one anyway.
pbergeronronronron (author)  seandogue6 years ago
dont you need bios password to update bios?
afaik, if you've cleared the bios by removing the battery, you're starting from scratch. Is that assumption wrong?