how do i replace LED's in my electronics lab?

I own a Matronix 500 in one electronic lab. I was experimenting on my own and I accidentally overloaded the LED's and broke them. can someone tell me how to replace them? 

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coleyy (author) 7 years ago
Re-design's awnser was the best one, but i cant select it because it's a reply, and when i do it, i'll add resistors in there so this won't happen again.
coleyy (author) 7 years ago
maybe I should just get a normal breadboard like everyone else. the thing i have does have a breadboard, but many components are located under panels with holes to see or adjust them
When I burnt out a LED I went to Radioshack, and bought a new one. $1.49
coleyy (author)  resophonicguitarist7 years ago
I know t buy a new one, but mine is built in a panel thing
It looks like you will have to de-solder it from the panel and re-solder a new one on. There is a better buy at radioshack, depending on the color of the LED you want, they have a 20-pack of LEDs for $2.99 (Red, Yellow, Green, Amber Colored Only). I actually bought two of these packs today. Best of luck!
coleyy (author)  transistorguy7 years ago
no, i mean it is in a kit and a panel is over it with a hole to let light through and springs to attach wires to it on the front
Can you post a picture? I don't quite understand what you mean.
coleyy (author)  transistorguy7 years ago
sorry i do not know how to post pictures
Solder the new one on top of the panel with the leads going to the correct spring if you can't get in to place it inside like the original.
lemonie7 years ago

You'll have to get the panel off. Once you've done that it should be obvious to you.