how do i set a booby trap to find out if someone has been in my house?

i gave my neibors my keys and i think they made coppies and have been coming in my house while im not here. things have gone missing, i want to know how i can set a trap that will enable me to be certain that they have been in the house, and that its not really just me loosing things. i want the traps to be set up in a way that i will know for a fact someone has been in my house, i have one idea already i have ties a lot of my hairs together and tapes them accross the hallway and i will see if when i get back home it is busted. please help me with this, i dont want to go to the owner of the building, or to the athoriteis with out knowing for a fact, and i am unable to get a video camera to record while i am gone.

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mattydee822 years ago
i like any sort of camera idea cause then you getta catch someone

I have 2 sets - they do not work, they by pass them

You obviously dont trust them so Change your locks,Its the only way to realy stop this or get peace of mind.

mattydee822 years ago
change the locks. cheapest easiest way. or get a trail cam. hunters use them. they only record motion
If you have a carpet or rug at your front door, when you vacuum, vacuum backwards, and when they come in, they make footprints in the carpet/rug and you can estimate the size and figure out who did it. Just make sure that the footprints aren't yours!
TN7774 years ago
Call the police! This should not be ignored! They are thieves and you need to report them.
baba44 years ago
you should put flour in a bucket on every door possible so if they walk in the flour will fall on them but that is only possible if you have no pets and you could also buy a cheap webcam like an argos value range and plug it into your laptop and put it in record mode with the charger in the laptop so the battery doesn`t run out and hide your turned on laptop and position the webcam so it`s hidden but can still see the door and when you get home check the footage
mclovin75967 years ago
u should look into buying a bear trap possibly? Could work
Smart idea, Mclovin... in fact... to enhance that idea, I suggest building a trap door and putting the bear trap at the bottom of it.
with spikes covered in fecal matter all around the trap, so they're impaled and trapped... I'm reminded of mister burns bed that he hits a button, it sinks into the basement, and incinerates, then a new one pops up.
gel a silent alarm or make one
Stack three rocks on top of each other like a trail marker and put it behind your door it's as simple as that if it's toppled when you come back have yourself a winner
Change the locks. Or tape a thin piece of thread or string from the end of the dorr to the wall right next to it. It it's broken before you come home, someone came in. You can also give your neighbors a set of fake keys and tell them you changed the locks, and take the "old" keys back.
Leave a cash trap. Set a tempting bill ($10-$20) somewhere so that it looks forgotten. On the floor or hanging half-way out of a drawer. Make sure it's somewhere that it will be seen and somewhere that it's unlikely to blow away.
Ceddy177 years ago
Place a web cam or a digital camera to record when someone enters the room?
110100101107 years ago
if your entry door opens into the home - find a small object that slides silently on the floor. a dry sponge etc is usually good. place it next to the door when you exit (with your hand when the door is allmost closed). next time when you enter see if the thing is there or away (the door was opened) stick some clean (of fingerprints too on its not sticky side) scotch tape to the back of the door handle. when the guests come they touch it (they dont notice it cause it is the not sticky side and its under the handle anyway). when you come pul it off by the ends and hold it against the window at wide angle to see if there are fingerprints. they are best seen if you look at the reflection of light from the tape surface at very wide angle when you go out scatter some laundry powder on the floor (invisible amount). when you come back darken the room and look at it with blue led or uv light. see if its disturbed
Kiteman7 years ago
Stick small pieces of clear tape between the tops of doors and the frame above. If they are dislodged when you return, somebody will have been through the door.
Phil B7 years ago
In addition to the talcum powder, there are old tricks like placing hairs from a brush on the bottom of a drawer full of items a nosy person might want to check. Align the hairs in a distinct pattern, like parallel to one another. If they are misaligned when you lift things carefully out of the drawer, someone has been in it. Place a little clear tape across door joints or windows. If one end is loose when you return, someone has been there. Set up a camera that is tripped by breaking an infra-red beam or by a motion sensor.
frollard7 years ago
get a security camera? Change your locks? Put a dusting of powder (flower, talcum powder) etc in the entryway. Footprints will be obvious.