how do i start paintballing??????

i'm really interested in paint ball but i don't know what kind of gun or pakage i would get???? please help  attach  links in your comments  thank you and could u tell me if this is a good pakage for the price

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rocketman206 years ago
What i did was but a cheap but sturdy gun (tipman 98 is a good one). then upgrade it as you go along. The barrle would be the next umprovement
junits156 years ago
The general way you do this is like this, first buy the best mask you can afford, then use that instead of the rental mask, once you get some more money, get a good loader like a magna or a halo or a velocity and use that on the rental gun in place of the vl200. Then once you have some more money saved get a nice carbon fiber air tank. (steel tanks are wicked heavy don't get one) Then you can start thinking about a gun, get an electronic one and don't get a Tippmann unless you are going to get the Flatline Viewloader guns are BAD but Viewloader hoppers are good(execpt the vl force). Spyders are meh, I would not recommended one even though I own one ;) I would suggest an Azodin Blitz or if you have enough dough, the Zenith.  You can find some really nice used Dyes and Bob Longs in the BST section of The reason to buy in this order is because no matter what gun you ever get, your gear will be able to keep up with it no problem. So you will save money in the long run. I hope this helps, Go to sign up and ask all your questions there.  This method worked well for me :)
Google the following:
paintball near Insert your city here
Kiteman7 years ago
Don't buy until you try.

Find a local paintballing arena / company, and go try it. You may find that works out to be cheaper than buying your own kit.

The staff there should include an expert or two, who would also be able to advise about gear and put you in touch with other local paintballers.
zupyo22 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
my freind had a paintball b day party it was a lot of fun but my gun was a rental and was highly inacurate (tippman 98 base model)so i would like to find a better paintball gun pakage that wont kill my budget
The Tippmann 98 custom base model should not be very inaccurate, in my experience, it is actually very accurate. Upgrade the barrel for $30, and now you've got a really good starter gun. There was probably something wrong with the specific gun you used.
Yes, this step only works when you play with friends.
Wow, the comment box completely deleted my extremely thorough explanation and replaced it with a previous comment. I give up.
zupyo22 (author)  JamesRPatrick7 years ago
really that is weird iv never herd of something like that hapening
DJ Radio7 years ago
Step 1- Find some people who are experienced in paintball.  Have them give you tips on picking a good paintball gun.

2- buy a paintball gun to your specs.

3- Learn the rules and gametypes from the people in step 1

4- Practice aiming a bit.

5- Have a paintball war with friends. (Step 4 and step 5 can be done at the same time)
zupyo22 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
i have a question about step 5 does it have to be with freinds????
Yes, this step only works when you play with friends.
lemonie7 years ago
You start by joining some other people who do. Or you find a load of other people who don't and say "let's go paint balling" and get it organised.