how do i strengthen my nails?

my nails are very brittle and i want them to grow long because i play piano
and they break very easily,i have small fingers so i use the extra length of my
nails to reach the keys.   
         p.s. i have already tried nail hardning polish and it dosent work on me.

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canucksgirl4 years ago
Much of it is hereditary, but you can improve their strength and condition with a good diet and getting enough vitamins and minerals. Ensure that your nails don't get too dry, so use lotion after washing your hands and keep alcohol based hand sanitizers to a minimum. I like to use a keratin, collagen and vitamin based lotion (Sally Hansen makes a pretty good one), as I find it improves the strength of my nails and helps prevent breakage. Also use a fine grit cushioned emery file to keep your nails snag free, but don't saw back and forth. You want to use the file in one direction only from the outer edges toward the center to prevent breakage. I also don't use polish very much, because the ingredients are quite drying and I find my nails will break a lot easier if I use a lot of nail polish. You can get really nice glossy nails with one of those 4-in-1 emery boards. You use the fine grit to smooth the nails and then the finer grits to polish them. (I can get them gleaming like they were polished doing that).
blkhawk4 years ago
I heard that eating gelatin helps. You could also try any of those products that claim to harden brittle nails.
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rickharris4 years ago
Well balanced diet - your piano teacher should be able to show you techniques go overcome your size handicap - lots of children play very well with small hands
pianolover10124353 (author)  rickharris4 years ago
thanks but my dad teaches me and my hands arent that small its just a song im trying to play, the keys are far apart