how do i turn auto logoff off?

its simple, for a game i need to keep logged on. but after a certain amount of time, it logs off. windows XP service pack 3. ask for more info if u need.

mathews8 years ago
Is it windows logging out, or the game? If it is windows, look at the screensaver and power management options. If it is the game, contact their customer support.
godofal (author)  mathews8 years ago
windows, the game works fine... (altough town is pretty laggy >.<) but i cant find it at screensaver/power management... PM is the first place i checked...
le-Sid8 years ago
Check out your options in display properties, under the screensaver tab, you can usually set out there an option to auto logoff when going out of the screensaver state or the timeouts for the different states (screensaver, sleep mode and hibernate)
godofal (author)  le-Sid8 years ago
hmm cant find that option, for now i just turned off the screensaver, lets see if that makes a difference...