how do i use my mp3 player on an i-pod dock?

My car stereo has an i-pod dock attached to it, which is great... but my i-pod broke. I have a cheaper MP3 player that is still working and uses a USB port for connectivity that I would like to use in my car instead. Is there a way to convert the I-pod dock interface to a USB interface?

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NYPA8 years ago
I don't think you can. But, you CAN find a cable to link any MP3 player, with a headphones port, into your car.
i just hook mine up through the USB port on my stereo.
seandogue8 years ago
you don't...The freaks at Apple's legal department would probably sue you for copyright infringment. j/k (they'll prolly sue me for making this joke) j/k
That's no joke.
aw I gotta call my lawyer....lolz