how do i use the ADC present within the ATtiny 861v microcontroller?

i want to convert a input analog signal to a Attiny 861V microcontroller using the built in ADC and then use the digital data to be compared to some prespecified value. Im using AVR studio and ISP mkII programmer. What is the C code i should use to do this

Some of the serious Arduino experts seem to have done porting work to retarget the ATTiny series. Take a look there.

sve (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
please if you dont mind suggest me some links i have been searching for this since 2 days but couldnt get plz help me
Not being specifically familiar with the AVR toolchain, I'd suggest you look for example code on Atmels site, and use the code wizard to get you a basis on which to start.

Take a look at the tutorials