how do i wire my pcb and monitor?

i have a jamma wired cabinet with power supply at 5 volts.i have a 25" monitor with an icade 60 in 1 pcb.i need to know how to connect everything.neither the monitor or pcb is hooked up.i have little knowledge in this field but im willing to learn please help!!!!

Joe Martin7 years ago
There should be a pcb coming of the yoke at the end of the tube and then wires leading the the main monitor pcb which will have the flyback and all the caps etc.
phill2 (author)  Joe Martin7 years ago
i just got my pcb in today but cant figure out how to hook everything up i have 0 knowledge in electronics so i will need someone who has Patience's that can teach me.if you dont want to help i understand but can you direct me to some one who can?thank you
frollard7 years ago
Many arcade cabinets use a semi-standard 'JAMMA' connector between the motherboard, peripherals (buttons, sound, lights, and screen).;..not a lot of info, but it might help.
WHICH monitor  ? I  doubt very much that they are all the same.