how do i zero in an airsoft sniper scope/?

just got a new airsoft sniper, and need help figuering out how to zero scope

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caarntedd7 years ago

I'm not sure exactly how powerful your rifle is, but you will need to know where your shots are hitting in order to make adjustments. If you can't punch through a target like a real bullet, you will need a knockdown type. I would suggest something like empty soda cans lined up on a rail or bench or something.
You won't need to clamp the rifle, just use a table or similar with a steady rest like a sandbag under each end of your rifle (or old socks, or bags of salt or rolled up towels etc.) this will allow you to sit and hold the rifle against your shoulder and cheek while steadying it with your spare hand.
Make sure you get your breathing right. Some people hold their breath to fire, some exhale and then fire, find out what works for you.

First adjustment should be windage. That is the side to side adjustment. Work out your approximate range and try some shots. If you are way too high or too low, just move the targets or your rest closer or further apart until you are landing in the vicinity. Now adjust the scope left or right until you are consistently either hitting the target, flying over or hitting under. The main objective at this point is to be hitting in a vertical line through the point of aim.
Once you have the left/right adjusted, move to the up/down. This is going to depend on how far your projectile can travel before it drops away too quickly. Fire test shots and work out how far you want to zero. When you work out your effective range, set up the targets and adjust up and down until you can kill every can that dares to stick it's head up.

That should be it for sighting in, but there is a bit more to hitting targets at different ranges. Once you are used to estimating the range you have your rifle zeroed for while in battle, you will snipe everyone easily enough. But you need to practice and get used to where the projectile hits at different ranges. Further away will be lower, closer will be higher, even closer will be lower again. This is why you probably shouldn't zero for maximum range, but somewhere around maybe 2/3 or 3/4 of maximum effective distance to give more flexibility at different ranges. Look up some stuff on bullet trajectory and you will see how the projectile passes through the point of aim twice as it moves through it's arc. It will help you to understand what you are doing.

Sounds complicated, but it's really pretty simple once you start doing it. Then practice, practice, practice, and always rest against something (like a tree) when shooting if possible, or sit/kneel or whatever, so you can brace your elbows on your knees. This will stop you from moving too much when firing. Practice squeezing the trigger instead of jerking it.

Well that's it for killing stuff 101, a little simplistic, but hope it helps.
Happy mayhem.

rickharris7 years ago
Fix the gun in position aiming at a clear target. Fire observe where the pellet hits the target Move the cross hairs until they are centred on the PELLET hole Re set to centre of target and redo until accurate.
+1 clamping down the gun will make it a thousand times easier, unless you are a crack shot and can tell where you were meant to be aiming from a free-shot and can adjust the crosshairs manually.
cdubnbird7 years ago
choose a good day to do it so it's not so windy since airsoft pellets are so much lighter than bullets. but yeah, what caarntedd said. set up a shooting range, shoot a couple times to make sure you're hitting in the same spot and then start adjusting the scope appropriately
caarntedd7 years ago
The same as a real rifle scope.