how do mountain board brakes work?

I want to get a mountain board, and make a new type of long board. I would like to put brakes from a mountain board onto the new long board. Do they work just like bike brakes? Help?

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nattyclem6 years ago
I am probably not understanding this right, but I have a scrubb mountainboard and it has no brakes at all. Also I have never seen any brakes on any other.
freeza36 (author)  nattyclem6 years ago
If you look up mountain board on google shopping, the Atom MBS 90x will come up, and it has brakes. How expensive is your scrubb? I am also looking into buying one, with a limited budget
Well I searched it and they do have brakes.
I think my mountain board has been discountinued, but it was probably aroung £100-£120 when new.
If you look on the scrubb website they sell a brake set that you can use and it is a drum brake for each wheel.
Hope this helps.
freeza36 (author)  nattyclem6 years ago
yeah thanks this helps alot.
Oh thats good.
Always willing to help a fellow instructables user and maker.
freeza36 (author)  nattyclem6 years ago
thats the point of this websight
canucksgirl6 years ago
Remember too that Google can be your friend. :)

Were you not able to find anything from the links provided to you in your first question on this topic 4 days ago??
Kiteman6 years ago
The ones I've seen either have no brakes at all, or have brakes that work exactly like bicycle brakes, except the lever is in you hand instead of on a handle bar.