how do u ask your best friend out?

I have this best friend I like him he likes me. how do I ask him out or should I let him come to me? then, what if we break up will he hate me it'll be awkward

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Kiteman3 years ago

Go with your gut.

Yes, it will be awkward, quite possibly painful, but your situation is also normal.

Whatever happens, whatever emotional wounds you (and he) suffer, they will get better, probably very quickly.

Breakups almost always kill friendships. So what do you want more?

Look you don't have to call it a date for it to be a date. Have him meet you somewhere for a meal or something. If others show up don't sweat it. Just let things flow. People make too big of a deal about these sort of things.

So how old are you? We seem to be getting a lot of these sort of questions from kids recently. Spring is in the air, that's for sure!

Leslie skittlez (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

umm.... I'm 12 years- old and yes I get it but it's really diffcult

I agree there is a lot of dating questions lately

One gets posted, and Google brings more...

yep I agreed with him what do u want more to be friends or boyfriend and girlfriend oh and shes 13 . don't get mad leslie lol.

Thought so. Spring time hits and hormones start going nuts. As i've said to the many other teens who have posted the same thing over the past couple of weeks. Your still vary young. You have all the time in the world. Just be friends and if it's meant to be then things will start to move forward in High School. Anything you start now will likely end within a year and it will end badly. Now is the time for you to be friends.

When you do get older don't try to tie yourself down to a single person. It use to be there where 2 states here. You where either dating or going steady. With dating you may go on a date with this guy and see a movie one week. Then go out to dinner with another guy another week. This allows you to play the field a bit and start to narrow down who would be the person best suited to go steady with. Going steady is when you become Girlfriend and Boyfriend and only date each other. Don't know why society has gotten away for this dating concept. Middle school and high school are not the times to be tying yourself to a single person. It will just end in tears.