how do u get past an admin password from a limited account?

iwithout any programs installed because installing is restricted on limited accounts

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There are several methods. This article does a good job describing them so I won't bother to repeat it all.

Don't even think about attempting this on a system you don't own and have full permission to do so.  You WILL get caught. Every one of these methods leaves traces behind that make it very obvious that someone hacked the Administrator account.
luisgeek4 years ago
With a limited account you are unable to install any new program on your computer. But there are still two options for you to regain full access to your computer: one is reset your lost admin password; another option is promote your limited account to an administrator.

These can be done easily. To get started, you need to use an alternate PC to create a PCUnlocker Live CD, then boot up your locked PC from the CD and it enables you to either reset any user password or promote a limited account to administrator.
cephalopoid7 years ago
Just pop in a linux livecd and enjoy your freedom.
I think the link is more....killed....expired...
zen lyne8 years ago
if it's windows xp, just press ctrl+alt+delete at the login page, log in as "adminastrator" (without quotes) and dont enter a pass.
The only way this works is if the admin account does not have a password to begin with, silly rabit.
I have a problem. Your answer doesn't work. I have windows xp and it won't let get into the account still.
jtobako8 years ago
Buy a computer, Buy software, create your own admin account, set you own password, then give it out freely so someone can make you start over : P
lemonie8 years ago
Yes it's restricted to stop people like you installing stuff... Ask a network administrator to install it for you. L
By entering the correct password...