how do u get to sites that are block at school?

everything i tired so far it block

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knektek8 years ago
go on this website without the spaces w w w . v t u n n e l . c o m
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
use google translate
lemonie8 years ago
 I'd guess that the school is a bit wiser than you on these things, so your best bet is to ask other people in your school. If it can be done someone will have done it - you've got access to those people - see who knows what?

BOOM56018 years ago
Check out <a href=""></a>.<br />
seitzerdave8 years ago
What websites are you trying to access? Public Libraries are usually unrestricted.
Re-design8 years ago
Ask the computer lab monitor and they will give you a code.  Don't tell anyone elst though.